Full Face

The most common and versatile helmets available in the market. It can be used for any and all kinds of rides.
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Open Face

Open face helmets offer increased airflow to the riders, which helps keep the head and face cooler in the warm weather.
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Our Cutting Edge Design with High grade ABS outer shell and steady flip up feature, make our helmets a reliable choice for riders.
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Standout Features

Protective Visors Shields face and eyes from sun and wind. Provides a mild level of crash protection.

Hard Outer Shell Plastic, Kevlar, fiberglass or carbon fiber shells are tough enough to protect the head and ensure a smooth, even surface.

Expanded Polystyrene Liner One part of your helmet that is not visible yet is extremely critical to your safety is the liner.

Comfort Liner Our helmets feature removable liners that you can remove and fine-tune the fit, and also wash.

Airflow Vents The best design feature is the vents which ensure proper airflow and provide the comfort.

Chin Bar A chin bar with an inner liner protects this vulnerable area and stiffens overall helmet construction.

Spark Minda

Founded over six decades ago, we are one of the leading manufacturers of automotive components for OEMs. Spark Minda is supported by a workforce of more than 16,000 people across facilities spread across India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan and Japan.

Spark Minda Helmets are ISI compliance

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